Announcements/Coming Soon

2023 has been an exciting year for us so far! It has been filled with twist and turns! This year started out with the production of The Prosecutor, starring the lovely model/actress Nikki Serenity! It's about a politically inclined attorney who finds out about her husband's little secret and does something about it! We're now in post-production and looking forward to releasing this feature film before the end of the year!

Then there's the Gen Z movie that's currently in post-production, Midwest Life! Starring Jenny Novotny, Veronica Franklin, Brayden Pratt, Emmanuel Alway-Baker, & Diego Facio! They are adulting like no other teens can! Dealing with life's issues and making tough decisions, yet just as comical as can be!

But wait! There's more! Yes, another production is under way this year! 2024 is full of excitement! We're in the pre-production stages of a talk show called The REEL STL! Hosted by yours truly, & the very beautiful actress Miss Justine Rose as my co-host! Together we will bring you great interviews from some of our top local and regional indie filmmakers, directors, writers, & more! Stay tuned for yet another surprise coming late this year! I can only imagine what's coming in 2024!

The REEL STL Talk Show